Programme Tuition Fees

The Leicestershire Secondary SCITT will charge £9,000 per trainee (in line with other local & national accrediting bodies)

Trainees can apply for:

  1. Tuition Fee Loan
  2. Maintenance Loan  (means tested)
  3. Maintenance Grant (means tested)
  4. Subject Bursaries
  5. Subject Scholarships

Further information & advice can be sought from ( Student Loan Company) (Financial Advice for Students) (Applying for Student Loans)

Those trainees who decide not to apply for a tuition fee loan will have to pay their £9,000 tuition fee directly to the SCITT. An initial payment of £5,500 must be paid before the start of the programme and a second and final payment of £3,500 must be made at the beginning of January.

Trainees who fail to complete the course will not receive a re-imbursement of fees already paid to the SCITT.

Tuition fees paid by the Student Loans Company, via student fee loan, will normally be paid directly to the SCIIT in October, February and May.  Trainees will not be required to make re-payments until after they are in employment and meet current regulations on earnings.