Aims & Objectives

The Leicestershire Secondary SCITT History Programme aims to develop confident, reflective practitioners who are willing to critically evaluate and develop their practice in the light of experience, research evidence and current educational thinking. The pedagogical subject knowledge developed throughout the programme will equip our trainees to enter the teaching profession with the tools to teach imaginative and engaging lessons that are relevant to pupils’ lives.

Overview of the Programme

The programme covers 38 weeks and focuses on the Teachers' Standards. The content of the programme has been designed to offer a blended learning approach for trainees through which they can meet these Standards. This includes nearly 50 Core Learning days and a diverse range of classroom based development opportunities embracing primary, secondary, sixth form and special or alternative education provision.

Trainees will follow learning cycles throughout their placements, characterised by the development of theoretical application and understanding of learning, followed by practical development, followed by reflection and further research.

In addition to gaining QTS trainees will also benefit from the award of a PGCE and Master accreditation validated by the University of Leicester.


The Leicestershire Secondary SCITT will offer its trainees a comprehensive support infrastructure to aid their continual development towards the award of QTS and PGCE.

This support network will include a Subject Mentor for each of the block placements to support trainees on a day to day basis; an ITT Co-ordinator in each school across the Alliance ensuring the quality of training received by trainees in their school is of the highest standard; a Lead Subject Tutor responsible for trainees' applied subject knowledge and the Programme Manager who will quality assure all aspects of the programme.

In addition the Academic Tutor, appointed by the University of Leicester, will support trainees through the development and completion of the two academic assignments.


Throughout the programme trainees will be required to maintain an evidence portfolio in which they gather evidence to support their meeting of the Teachers' Standards. They will complete a series of small educational assignments based on their different educational placements; these will be presented to their Mentor and/or the Lead Subject Tutor. At the end of each term, in conjunction with their Subject Mentor, trainees will be assessed against the Teachers' Standards. They will receive a series of lesson observations over the programme by a variety of SCITT personel to assess and quality assure their progress. In addition, trainees will submit two academic assignments to the University of Leicester Academic Tutor in January and March as part of the PGCE and Masters accreditation.